Christopher Allbritton, Communications Manager

IMG_6969Christopher Allbritton is the communications manager at Center for Civilians in Conflict. He joined CIVIC after more than 25 years in journalism, reporting from conflict zones such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Pakistan. His work has appeared around the world in TIME, New YorkMagazine, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, the New York Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Der Spiegel, among others. As bureau chief for Reuters in Pakistan, he oversaw the coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden and broke stories on the plight of civilians caught in the war between militants and the Pakistani military.

Chris also started the award-winning blog,, in 2002, which helped start the now-common crowd-funding model for quality journalism. Chris specializes in writing, editing and photography and holds an MS in journalism from Columbia University in New York and a BA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In 2008-9, he was awarded a Stanford University John S. Knight Fellowship.